Connect with your soul - Spirited Lioness & Sustainability

What went into designing the Spirited Lioness collection? 

This season I wanted to have gracious & stylish garments that really flattered the body. 

What elements of sustainability were important to you? 

In the sense of true sustainability; versatility of how to wear the garments together was important. So styling in different ways, wearing items on top of one another. Also in the world of fast fashion and consumerism, I wanted to create a range that was from eco friendly fabrics. It just didn’t make sense not to. People in general want to save the world from global warming, pollution and make more conscious choices for their wardrobes. Fashion is one of the highest industry pollutants of water, land, destroying forests and post consumer waste. With great styling, exclusive prints, and eco fabrics I wanted to create timeless pieces the customer will value, which to me represents true sustainability. 

How does the eco friendly fabric work? 

In terms of organic cotton there are bodies like GOTs and OCS they govern and regulate where the organic cotton has been farmed and the criteria the garments need to meet to gain organic accreditation. Eco friendly viscose, like our EcoVero™ is grown in accredited forests, guaranteeing it is not cutting into ancient or protected rainforests. For more details on this fabric read our blog:™-ecovero™ or 

Tell us more about the print. How did that come together? 

Firstly I found some vintage florals and vine graphics with some old artwork of Lion’s deco. I thought the two elements incorporated well together. Next I chose some flower types that I liked for the vines. Designer, Lily King collaborated and worked to put the graphic artwork together into the print. 

I love the idea of animals on prints, even subtly. The little elements the customer can look at the garment and say “oh that’s cool.” So it was important for me to incorporate that aspect.

What does Spirited Lioness represent?

I wanted to capture in the name of the release the connectivity to print, colour and style. With the lion being the icon of our print it also represents strength from a feminine edge. That women are strong, inspired and empowered and we take that in all graciously into the kingdom of life. So for women who buy the clothing this drop, I hope they feel invigorated by that. 

How did you choose the colour? 

For my clothing it’s very important to the customer on how it makes her feel. Ideally she will feel uplifted, good, connected and expressing her true self.  

The print colourings were meant to bring some brightness, optimism, but also the comfort of nostalgia. 

I believe colour is a reflection of how we feel. It can lift our spirits and make us brighter, or make us go more inward. In today’s world where there is so much going on, I wanted to bring the garment colourings back to nature, calm, green plantation, the wash of green base, soothing, demure, feminine base, with a contrast of the bold print. Balance. Yin and Yang. Overall the print and colouring bring feminine energy that the customer can connect and feel into, while also reflecting it to others; just like the moon.