Environmentally Sustainable Fashion

Fire and flood. We all care about the environment and sustainability until it comes with a price tag attached. One of the biggest challenges as the world adapts to being more eco friendly is cost. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, so we believe in upholding ethical values and doing everything we can. We help you make the right choices, made easy. 
Our printed fibre fabric is grown in Europe in certified forests. The chain of custody is certified from a safely farmed tree, to fibre, to fabric,  to factory, to garment, to customer. The water from our fibre is cleaned before returning to nature. Our screens are printed by hand in Indonesia under ethical conditions. Our factory pay Indonesian legal award rates as well as holidays and health insurance of their workers (which isn’t always guaranteed in the clothing industry). Want to know more? Read our Ethically made and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ blog or check out ecovero.com
Chemicals leak into land and also have an effect on farmer's health. This is why we believe in GOTS and OCS certified cottons. Read more on organic cotton https://www.wanderingmoonthelabel.com/blogs/news/why-organic-cotton
Along with environmental and biodegradable packaging we aim to make fashion trustworthy and easy or your life. Feel good supporting small business, that supports the Earth.